KidsbOOK review: CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen

What a sweet book: CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen: Fabulous Adventures in Cooking, Crafting and Friendship. CoCo is part storybook, part recipe book, part crafts guide . . . so you can read with your kids and do the activities with them, too. The crafts include an adorable dish towel apron, cupcake soap and swamp slime (CoCo has an icky best friend named Larry Contrary who loves all things slimy and silly). The recipes include pickled frogs, and of course, cupcakes.


KidsbOOk Review: Almost

Almost by Richard Torrey is the story of Jack, who is “almost six” and can almost do most things. It’s sweet and I can really see how kids would adore this book. Jack can almost do anything like ride a bike like his older brother. This is a perfect book for a child who just can’t wait to be big.  I love the illustrations as well, very colorful.

Teacher’s Appreciation Day!

Celebrate your favorite teacher today! Below are some great gift ideas but one I like best is to Donate a Book to your childs classroom.

Donate a book today!

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Happy Teacher’s Day to all those teachers that work so hard to educate the world.  

KidsbOOk:Tallulah’s Tutu

Wandering the aisles of Barnes & Noble, latte in hand is pure joy to me. On one of my recent trips, I saw a book featured by the front door…it was a children’s book which I thought was odd…right next to the section of bestsellers, it was titled Tallulah’s Tutu. The cover was gorgeous…but as the saying goes I dare not judge it by that alone. I read it front to back and admired the beautiful artwork consuming the pages, I thought it would be the perfect gift for a little girl. So I bought one for a friend’s daughter.

If you’re looking for a good bedtime story or a eye-catching book for your little one, this is a must.
I also came across this activity kit you can print with party invites, paper tutu’s, and the different ballet positions:

I especially like the lesson learned: You can achieve your goal with time and hard work. 

Cover Image 

Bake away

I wasn’t a big cook before I got married but I always had a soft spot for baking. It was like a tiny stress reliever for me and when something is baked to perfection…its the best instant gratifier. I’m a sucker for cupcakes but will never discriminate against cakes, brownies, tarts, cookies, and other goodies. I somehow stumbled onto Bakerella…probably through blog surfing and have never regretted it. I love the super cute cake pops she makes and how they’re never ever boring!

The one thing I love about baking is how creative you can be with it. You can make a plain cake into something beautiful with just frosting !

I bought her book but haven’t got around to making any yet….but the photos are delicious! I will post photos if I ever get around to making the mini concoctions.

Check out her website for the latest in super cuteness: