Kids Fashion for Fall

Love these adorable fall outfits from Zara for kids! Gosh, I want to go out and buy that grey blazer and boots for my son….how adorable!

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Back to School Lunch Labels

back to school labels

Print out these cute paper sack labels for your kiddos! School is just starting and it would be the perfect addition to any lunchbox!
These lunch labels fit on printable Avery Labels #8163 (when printing, do NOT scale to fit the page).

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KidsbOOk Review: Almost

Almost by Richard Torrey is the story of Jack, who is “almost six” and can almost do most things. It’s sweet and I can really see how kids would adore this book. Jack can almost do anything like ride a bike like his older brother. This is a perfect book for a child who just can’t wait to be big.  I love the illustrations as well, very colorful.

Trendy baby clothes

Appaman for Target: Trendy baby clothes on the cheap

from article on laTimes blog. April 13, 2011 | To see article click on link below.


Target has just debuted a new line of baby clothes designed by the high-end kid’s clothing company Appaman. Now trendy parents with a baby up to 9 months old can pay $6.99 for a onesie featuring Appaman’s trademark ape face rather than the close to $20 a similar looking onesie usually costs at the baby boutiques.

The Appaman line is just the latest in a series of collaborations that Target has done with designers of baby clothes and gear.  Dwell has had cute clothes, bibs and bedding options at the superstore for a while, and the little kids section is filled with Paul Frank tees, bathing suits and underwear.

Last year Aden and Anais, maker of the ubiquitous gauzy muslin blankets in sweet modern patterns, worked with the store to create a line of blankets that retail for $32 for a four-pack. Not a bad deal considering that a four-pack of their blankets retails at baby boutiques for as much as $50. Before you freak out, (as I almost did), the Target blankets are of a lesser quality muslin and are also significantly smaller than the brand’s other blankets.

In the past year Target has also collaborated with Splendid Littles, the baby division of the Splendid clothing company; luxury diaper bag maker Petunia Pickle Bottom and Petite Tresor, a boutique baby shop in Los Angeles, to bring high end baby design to the masses. A collaboration with Calypso St. Barth, which includes women’s clothes, housewares and some toddler outfits, is coming soon.

The Appaman collection will be available through June 19 and 10% of sales will go to Jessica Seinfeld’s charity Baby Buggy.

— Deborah Netburn article at

KidsbOOk:Tallulah’s Tutu

Wandering the aisles of Barnes & Noble, latte in hand is pure joy to me. On one of my recent trips, I saw a book featured by the front door…it was a children’s book which I thought was odd…right next to the section of bestsellers, it was titled Tallulah’s Tutu. The cover was gorgeous…but as the saying goes I dare not judge it by that alone. I read it front to back and admired the beautiful artwork consuming the pages, I thought it would be the perfect gift for a little girl. So I bought one for a friend’s daughter.

If you’re looking for a good bedtime story or a eye-catching book for your little one, this is a must.
I also came across this activity kit you can print with party invites, paper tutu’s, and the different ballet positions:

I especially like the lesson learned: You can achieve your goal with time and hard work. 

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