Homemade Father’s Day gift ideas

father's day superhero gift package


Father grilling  Click to Enlarge

Father's Day Breakfast - Free Printables  Fathers Day Free Printable Gift      'My Hero' Scrabble Frame 

1. collapsible bamboo placemat box
2. hero treats
3. Handlebar drink bag
4. bowtie bows
5. embellishes apron
6. iPad sleeve
7. breakfast in bed
8. decorated soda bottles
9. brownie burgers and cake fries
10. stamped washer keychain (I might do this one!)
11. hero scrabble frame
12. embellished toolbox


Bake away

I wasn’t a big cook before I got married but I always had a soft spot for baking. It was like a tiny stress reliever for me and when something is baked to perfection…its the best instant gratifier. I’m a sucker for cupcakes but will never discriminate against cakes, brownies, tarts, cookies, and other goodies. I somehow stumbled onto Bakerella…probably through blog surfing and have never regretted it. I love the super cute cake pops she makes and how they’re never ever boring!

The one thing I love about baking is how creative you can be with it. You can make a plain cake into something beautiful with just frosting !

I bought her book but haven’t got around to making any yet….but the photos are delicious! I will post photos if I ever get around to making the mini concoctions.

Check out her website for the latest in super cuteness: http://www.bakerella.com/