Superbowl Sunday

Like many others, we too are attending a Superbowl party this Sunday. I have been contemplating what type of dish I should bring…and so here are a few choices I rather like. Not too hard or time-consuming which is perfect with the little one around and many of these are different then your average cheese dip!

I’d like to mention that I am not a big football person…I tend to enjoy the million-dollar commercials more. So far, I have to say I really love the Ferris Bueller one, seriously awesome movie. Wanna see the commercial, watch it here:

Football Oreo Trufflesfootball oreo truffles | bakerella

football pizza 1 Football Pepperoni Pizza football pizza | babble

 hot corn dip | our best bites

 Mojito Jell-o Shots Food Network

 Mini Corn Dog Muffins…too cool! Iowa Girl Eats

 New York Soft Pretzel Cary Citizen


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