Vintage card…kinda

Lately, I’ve been loving the look of kraft paper for cards, layouts and more. I loved how this 1st birthday card turned out.

Materials:  plain kraft card and envelope, adhesive squares, red cardstock, corner cutter, red pen, white uni-ball pen, black 1 number sticker, Crate School Spirit Pencil paper, a Happy Birthday stamp, red and navy colored ink, and a wagon chipboard from Crate’s Toy Box collection.

Front: I rounded the corners using my cutter, then adhered a long piece of red cardstock across the card and onto the inside of  card. I took the pencil paper, crumpled it, then took my red ink pad and lightly dabbed it so the raised creases would pop, then I inked the edges. Next, I took my navy-inked birthday stamp and applied it to the pencil paper, above it I wrote in red pen the name of the cards’ recipient. I outlined the birthday stamp with the same red pen.
I stuck the chipboard sticker to red paper, and cut it to mimick the shape of the chipboard. Then I inked the edges with the navy ink. I attached that to a scrap piece of kraft paper. I cut it to a rectangle and rounded the edges and then inked the edges. Then I attached it to the card using adhesive squares. I took my number ! sticker and applied it to the card. Lastly, I took my white gel pen and made whole or dotted lines on the face of the card.

Inside: stamped the birthday stamp on kraft paper cut it and applied it to the red paper that folded from the outside in. Used a white pen to add details.

Back: stamped Made with Love on the back bottom with red ink and then wrote in my name with red pen.

Envelope: Took a truck stamp inked with red ink and repeatedly stamped it acress the bottom, I left some space for a star stamp on the bottom corner, and then stamped Little Star in the middle of the card with navy ink. I used a blue pen to create a dotted line under the trucks and a white pen to outline the star. Done!


DIY Dollhouse?

When I was young, I always wanted a dollhouse…it was something I dreamt about. I loved playing with them in the store when my mother would take us shopping…I didn’t want to leave! But they were on the pricer side…and not many models available. I remember a certain lavender colored one that was evident everywhere. Alas, these days kids have more options than ever…or should I say parents?

Well, here is a nifty new idea…a do-it-yourself dollhouse kit that’s made of  laser-cut birch wood and its eco-friendly! And just look at the intricatricy…neat! Perfect for a little girl.

Here is the link if you’re interested in purchasing one:

Victorian Doll House Birch plywood Laser Cut Kit 2

Victorian Doll House Birch plywood Laser Cut Kit 2

Victorian Doll House Birch plywood Laser Cut Kit 2