Onesie cupcakes and more

I went to another baby shower recently, yes…another shower. But this time, it was for a baby girl. I was excited about all the pink I was about to encounter ūüôā

For her gift I made individual onesie cupcakes and a washcloth lollipop bouquet.

Onesie’s were rolled into a swirl, then wrapped with rubber band to keep them from unraveling.¬†I then put each onesie into a white cupcake liner followed by a pink outer liner. I placed them inside cellophane and tied the top with a rubber band. To hide the band, I tied a pretty ribbon on top. and then hot glued a red glitter paper flower as a ‘cherry’¬†and then hot glued a tiny pink button to the center of the flower. Viola!

The lollipops were a little more time-consuming but the outcome was sure worth it. Two of the big lollipops contain two there is more of a swirl effect, the smaller ones had just one piece in them. Basically, I rolled¬†them up, stuck them in cellophane, tied the bottom with rubber band¬†so the washclothes¬†wouldn’t unravel and then stuck a skewer into the rubber band. No gluing required! I would have used white lollipop sticks but I didn’t have any on hand and the skewers worked perfectly fine. ( I cut the skewers to the size I wanted)

I took a decorated take out box and stuffed it with crinkled paper and the lollipops. I had to adjust it a bit to make sure the weight was distributed everywhere. That was it!


Washcloth Cupcakes anyone? Yes please!

Today, I went to a baby shower for a friend expecting twin boys. The shower was a lot of fun..but I really enjoyed making her gift!

I made some washcloth¬†cupcakes, her card and a tag for the bag. Her husband¬†also got matching college football onesie’s for the boys ūüôā

I found the tutorial for the cupcakes here. I modified it a bit by folding the washclothes¬†in four sections instead of three so they would fit in the box otherwise they were too high. I also used adhesive clear dots to attach the yellow pom poms¬†to the buttons, which were attached to the washclothes for the ‘cherry on top’ look.¬†I wanted to keep it¬†masculine hence the yellow cherries! I didn’t like the look of the top of the was too busy,¬†I couldn’t find a plain white box. So I used some blue cardstock, some stamps from Stampin up and a¬†scallop and Marta Stewart elephant punch to jazz it up a bit. Bakers twine and buttons were also used. Here is the end result:

Owls are a Hoot

My son’s nursery is a woodland theme and I actually decided on that by perusing the website Etsy. If you don’t know what Etsy is, here is a brief summary from wiki-¬†Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.
I bought a huge wall decal of a forest from one of the vendors on Etsy and went from there. I also bought an owl decal and most of his room focuses on owls more than any other forest creature just cause I like owls and how they represent wise-ness. I will do another post on the nursery along with pictures.
Another thing I love is cupcakes…my craft room is decorated around that coming soon!
So when I saw this print on Etsy I thought it was just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

Owl Hearts Cupcakes Print

Stephanie is a childen’s illustrator. If you want to say “Awww”¬†then check out her other amazing prints at