Spooktacular Halloween Banner

I’ve seen some amazing Halloween banners online lately and I was inspired to create my own. So I gathered my supplies and got into the spooky spirit! Here is how you can make your very own spooktacular bunting:

black crepe streamer paper
scrapbook paper (I used 6×6 pads of Apothecary Emporium & Mischievous)
white cardstock
orange cardstock
paper glaze or glitter glue
black glitter
black ribbon
2 3/8 Stampin Up scallop circle punch
3.5 inch scallop circle punch
1.5 inch circle punch
Black ink
hole punch
foam squares
Adhesive tape

Cut 12 banner pieces out of scrapbook paper. Then ink the edges with black for a vintage look.

Next, create crepe paper rosettes using your hands and a stapler: Basically you just fold the crepe paper in your left hand (if you’re right-handed) into small, angled pleats. Holding the pleats down, keep going until you have formed a circle, try to keep it even. Stop and trim extra crepe paper when you have a circle then staple the middle of the rosette so it doesn’t unravel…you may need to staple a few times. I stapled each one three times just to make sure! 

Next punch twelve 3.5 inch scallop circles out of white cardstock, then twelve out of orange cardstock using the smaller scallop punch.  Rub black ink on all the edges.

I made a template for the letters using Photoshop, I printed them on white cardstock, and punched them out using a 1.5 circle punch and then used paper glaze om each letter so that the black glitter would stick. I let those dry for about 30 minutes.  (See below for a free printable of the letters I created!)

To assemble: Use an adhesive roller to attach the orange scallop circle to the black crepe rosette to the white scallop circle and onto the banner. Use foam squares to attach the glitter letters to the top. Finish by punching holes in the top of each banner piece and string them together using ribbon.

Now sit back and enjoy the wicked view!

Free Printable: Spooktacular banner letters PDF File. Use a 1.5 circle punch for letters.


Easy Bottle Craft

This little project looks so simple and quick! All you need is a bottle, washi tape, and scissors. Basically, all you do is start taping around the base and work your way up, alternating colors if you like and adding as many layers as you prefer. That’s it! Cute vase!




Washi tape is very versatile, use it for instant gift wrapping to give those bland packages a pop of color or for envelopes and even scrapbooking! Get some beautiful washi tape here or here.

DIY Chalkboard frame

I realized awhile ago that I spend alot of my day just in the kitchen and part of that time is spent in the pantry. Yes, its a neglected storage room…no one ever really sees it, mostly because I don’t want them too! From canisters of flour to cans of beans..its all kinda organized but just not very pretty. I decided that I need something to brighten that space up and a chalkboard would be perfect. I could herald the menu on it, write a fabulous quote or doodle a yummy cupcake on it…its just there to put a smile on my face. And bonus: If I have guests, I won’t be too quick to slam the pantry door closed 🙂

This isn’t a hard project, its a few steps but the result is well worth it. I took a old frame, cleaned it and then spray painted it a lime green and let it dry overnight. I took the backing (thick chipboard) out of it and painted it with RustOleum black chalkboard paint that I had sitting around. I used a paint brush for the application. I let that dry and painted it once more, then one more time to really get a good layer on. So three times total. I then took a piece of white chalk and rubbed it all over the board, rubbed that away with a semi-damp cloth. I inserted it back into the frame and hung it using 3M wall hangers. That was it!

Onesie cupcakes and more

I went to another baby shower recently, yes…another shower. But this time, it was for a baby girl. I was excited about all the pink I was about to encounter 🙂

For her gift I made individual onesie cupcakes and a washcloth lollipop bouquet.

Onesie’s were rolled into a swirl, then wrapped with rubber band to keep them from unraveling. I then put each onesie into a white cupcake liner followed by a pink outer liner. I placed them inside cellophane and tied the top with a rubber band. To hide the band, I tied a pretty ribbon on top. and then hot glued a red glitter paper flower as a ‘cherry’ and then hot glued a tiny pink button to the center of the flower. Viola!

The lollipops were a little more time-consuming but the outcome was sure worth it. Two of the big lollipops contain two washclothes..so there is more of a swirl effect, the smaller ones had just one piece in them. Basically, I rolled them up, stuck them in cellophane, tied the bottom with rubber band so the washclothes wouldn’t unravel and then stuck a skewer into the rubber band. No gluing required! I would have used white lollipop sticks but I didn’t have any on hand and the skewers worked perfectly fine. ( I cut the skewers to the size I wanted)

I took a decorated take out box and stuffed it with crinkled paper and the lollipops. I had to adjust it a bit to make sure the weight was distributed everywhere. That was it!

Ribbon Storage Ideas

ss 100489643

ribbons stored in a metal pail

Ribbon holder tutorial


1. Soda Straw Dispensers
2. Small rod and clear jars
3. Postal Tags for ribbon by http://leesiebella.typepad.com/
4. Clothespin holder
5. Craft Sticks
6. Metal Pails
7. Use ribbon to hand ribbon!
8. Ribbon rings http://www.ribbonring.com/
9. Pant hangers
10. Crate box with door knobs
11. Trader Joe coffee tin caddy http://www.leethal.net/zine/?p=900
12. Wrapping paper and ribbon wall rack 33shadesofgreen.com

Summer Butterfly Wreath

I was looking to refresh my front door with something summery…after all, I potted new flowers and a new tree to gain some curb appeal..so I thought why not make a wreath to make my plain ole front door pop? I’m tired of the fake floral wreaths I see time and time again. I did some research and found the perfect DIY summer wreath!

Here are instructions for DIY wreath project I tackled. My method and materials are different from what she mentions, mostly because I wanted a bigger wreath cause I knew an 8 inch wreath would be dwarfed by the proportion of my door.

Materials I used
Kraft paper roll (looks like wrapping paper roll)
Scallop punch (mine is 3.5)
12 inch straw wreath
glue gun
unsharpened pencil
scrapbook paper and pages from old book

1. I cut long thin sheets from my Kraft roll to cover my entire wreath…I just wrapped them around and hot glued it until I couldn’t see any more straw. (see pic)
2. Punch a bunch of scallops using your punch. I didn’t count how many I punched but it was a lot. Fold paper a few times to make it quicker and get more circles.
3. Take unsharpened pencil and fold scallop around it so it looks like a blossom, place hot glue at the point of pencil on the Kraft paper. Then start gluing them one by one, close together onto your wreath. I used the pencil to push down on the wreath to make sure they would stick.
4. Continue until wreath is full.
5. Cut different butterfly sizes from colored paper and book pages. I chose lavender! (butterfly template found here)
6.  Hot glue the center backs of the butterfly onto wreath in any order you like, mine went from small to big on the right side of the wreath.
7.  Hang on door, and admire all summer long!