Felt Ball wreath

I love to craft and exploring new ones so I looked into felting…and almost bought a starter kit from Etsy last year but it does look time consuming so I didn’t buy it. But those felted balls are so adorable! I love the little acorns and especially love felt ball garlands and wreaths. Thats why I just had to purchase one from West Elm…the one I wanted is white and they’re sold out online but I just happen to go the store the same evening and they had a few left! I had to grab one..and it was 20% off…yay! Now I’m contemplating what to do with it…I think pink and white would rock but silver and white are so classic…we’ll see!

Here is the one I bought from West Elm:

Detailed View

Here are a few examples of felt ball crafts:

felt ball rug:


felt ball cowl

Felted Balls Cowl - White



Crafty Halloween Wreath

I wanted to put something festive on my door for the upcoming treat or trick holiday but nothing too scary or ordinary. So I decided to make my own wreath…I made a trip to the craft store and started my project. I wrapped black yarn around a straw wreath form and then made paper rosettes and hot glued them to the wreath.

Supplies: black yarn (walmart), straw wreath (Michaels), scrapbook paper (Martha stewart, My Minds Eye, and regular cardstock), border punches, gem stickers, scallop circle punches, and buttons.

I bought some premade rosettes: Nightfall Spells Delights Embellishments, and some cute button badges: Nightfall Spooky 1 Flair Embellishments both by American Crafts. I love the little ghost!

I used alot of my edge border punches to give some texture to the overlapping pieces….it created a little more interest. The mini crepe paper rosettes with the wording in the middle were perfect additions to ones I handmade. I think there is just enough orange in contrast to the black…I love the final outcome!

Happy crafting your own little ghoulish wreath!

Summer Butterfly Wreath

I was looking to refresh my front door with something summery…after all, I potted new flowers and a new tree to gain some curb appeal..so I thought why not make a wreath to make my plain ole front door pop? I’m tired of the fake floral wreaths I see time and time again. I did some research and found the perfect DIY summer wreath!

Here are instructions for DIY wreath project I tackled. My method and materials are different from what she mentions, mostly because I wanted a bigger wreath cause I knew an 8 inch wreath would be dwarfed by the proportion of my door.

Materials I used
Kraft paper roll (looks like wrapping paper roll)
Scallop punch (mine is 3.5)
12 inch straw wreath
glue gun
unsharpened pencil
scrapbook paper and pages from old book

1. I cut long thin sheets from my Kraft roll to cover my entire wreath…I just wrapped them around and hot glued it until I couldn’t see any more straw. (see pic)
2. Punch a bunch of scallops using your punch. I didn’t count how many I punched but it was a lot. Fold paper a few times to make it quicker and get more circles.
3. Take unsharpened pencil and fold scallop around it so it looks like a blossom, place hot glue at the point of pencil on the Kraft paper. Then start gluing them one by one, close together onto your wreath. I used the pencil to push down on the wreath to make sure they would stick.
4. Continue until wreath is full.
5. Cut different butterfly sizes from colored paper and book pages. I chose lavender! (butterfly template found here)
6.  Hot glue the center backs of the butterfly onto wreath in any order you like, mine went from small to big on the right side of the wreath.
7.  Hang on door, and admire all summer long!