iPhone Lens

My husband’s attraction to all things geeky are rubbing off on me…I love taking photos with my iPhone and giving them unique filters for a creative touch. But this Holga iPhone Lens is the mac daddy of all things cool and awesome for iPhone photos….I need one asap!

Holga is an nine-in-one lens set with colorful, playful effects for your iPhone pics. Here’s what it’s all about:

Your iPhone’s better, sharper and smarter, but it’s still missing all those crazy stunts your Holga can pull! Sure, there’s an app for that, but do you really want a robot to have all the fun?

No, you don’t; hence the Holga iPhone Lens!

It’s a rotating disk equipped with 9 different lenses for your iPhone! Just fit the case that it comes on over the back of your phone, and you’re set for hours of phoneography fun.

It’s like having 9 toy cameras all in one: lenses for dreamy vignettes, vibrant red and green color lenses, multi-image lenses for Spidey-vision (double, triple, and quadruple images), a macro lens for beautiful close-up detail and red, yellow, and blue filters with clear centers for framing your subjects!

Just spin the disk and position your lens of choice over your iPhone’s camera. You can preview the effect on your screen, then fire away!

Let’s see them try and make an app for that. Wanna buy it? Go here.


Another plus…it looks great and costs less than some iPhone covers…$30! Not bad at all.


Yellow Mellow

I got an email from Crate & Barrel recently and I completely fell for this bright and cheerful theme…maybe its the drab weather or the incessant rain but I want some yellow!

So gorgeous! I think I might incorporate some little touches of yellow into my kitchen palette…I’m not bold enough to paint the walls a bright yellow! Some cute things that could liven up my counter and cupboards:

SiliconeSpoonRestYellowS11 silicon spoon rest


Vipp yellow bin

Single Linen Dishtowel- Yellow with Red Cupcake. Screen Printed Kitchen Accessories from Curry Kay Designs on Etsy

cupcake dishtowel

Kitchen art print, Eat, Drink, Be Merry in yellow: 5 x 7

print Etsy

Wheat Yellow Hemstitch Napkin & Placemat

wheat placemats


Dyeing Doilies

Lately I have been doing alot of scrapbooking and have noticed that doilies are really getting alot of attention these days on scrappy websites. I love the feminine touch of a doily to not only my albums but to gift wrapping, favors, and more. So when I saw this post on Martha Stewart about dyeing doilies, I just had to try it…and I’m so glad I did! They turned out so pastel-y and pretty!

I bought a pack of 35 doilies for $2 at Hobby Lobby….not bad!

By the way..here are some of my favorite doily scrapbooking stuff:


These vintage cut wood doilies from Maya Road are my fav…so much you can do with them! Find them here

KidsbOOK review: CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen

What a sweet book: CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen: Fabulous Adventures in Cooking, Crafting and Friendship. CoCo is part storybook, part recipe book, part crafts guide . . . so you can read with your kids and do the activities with them, too. The crafts include an adorable dish towel apron, cupcake soap and swamp slime (CoCo has an icky best friend named Larry Contrary who loves all things slimy and silly). The recipes include pickled frogs, and of course, cupcakes.

December Daily 2011 – last few pages

A few more additions to my merry little album!

December and the holidays remind me all things sweet and warm like coffee and cookies! I had to put a page in about the cookie exchange!

A snowglobe pocket that was stapled  instead of glued and a doily for a fun twist


Next few pages are still empty…waiting for the next few days to happen so I can chronicle them!


A paper bag from Starbucks as a page…I thought the kraft bag was nice…I just trimmed the bottom and top off a bit to fit my album


I really hope you enjoyed my version of a December Daily album! Merry Christmas!