Oreo ice cream pie

It’s the end of summer and I can’t resist some good ole ice cream.  I had some friends coming over for dessert but they don’t eat eggs, so I was wracking my brain to figure out what to make when I remembered that…hey, ice cream doesn’t have eggs! At least, the stuff I bought didn’t. I was going to make a Snickers pie but it has egg whites in it…go figure. So after some investigating, I learned that Oreos are egg-free….perfect! This recipe turned out SO delicious…the best part is that it’s not too sweet like store-bought ice cream cakes and you can save some calories by using light ice cream and I promise no one will be able to tell! Cookies and cream heaven 🙂

 Oreo Ice Cream Pie


Vanilla Ice Cream- room temp ( I used Kroger brand Vanilla Churned Light Ice cream, this stuff is so creamy and yummy)
Oreos – 1 package
Smuckers Special Recipe Milk Chocolate (but you can use fudge topping too)
Caramel Sauce Topping


Take a 9inch springform pan and line it with plastic wrap till it hangs off the edges. Next place Oreos up against the edge of the pan (see photo) until you’ve covered the outside. Then, split open the Oreos and place them on the bottom…this will act as a crust.
Take a large bowl and spoon in some ice cream, add 1/4 cup fudge or to taste. Mix well.
Crush up some Oreos (Leave some crushed Oreos for the topping) and add to the ice cream mix. Make sure it all gets distributed well.
Spoon the ice cream into pan. Top with more crushed Oreos. Drizzle caramel over pie with fork.
Freeze for at least 6 hours. Open springform pan, peel plastic wrap off and serve immediately.

** You can also add nuts or caramel to the ice cream mix if you like.


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