Fall Beauty Essentials

Good article for the coming months…Love the Nars Fall collection it mentions, check it out here. Adore the new charcoal-like nailcolor Galion and eyeshadow below. Makes me yearn for some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Galion Fall 2011 Collection Delphes Fall 2011 Collection

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by NewBeauty Staff, Sponsored by Olay

Cold weather is just round the corner. It’s time to amp up your fall beauty routine in preparation for the cool months ahead. Here’s our list of next season’s trends straight from the pros:
Fall Beauty Essentials
Extreme Hair Color. Make a statement with brighter strands. This autumn, hair colors are pretty extreme with red hair and a whitish cool platinum blonde making a statement, says celebrity hairstylist David Evangelista.

Bold Makeup. “Fall is the perfect time to play with dramatic shades, bold color and rich textures, like a bright blue eye or a stormy gray nail,” says Francois Nars. (We are loving the fall NARS collection!)

Dark(er) Nail Polish. Take your nail color from bright to bold. Duri Cosmetics’ Fall 2011 Wine Tasting Party Collection consists of six autumn shades ranging from burnt oranges to rich burgundies. Also, check out OPI’s new fall collection, Touring America, made up of beautifully rich and deep shades—think navy, olive, plum—all perfect earthy tones for autumn.

Moisturizer. With the weather changing, your skin is sure to be affected. To conquer dry skin, make sure you’re equipped with a superhydrating moisturizer come fall. Thanks to the rich Olay moisturizers in every bottle, Olay’s Ultra Moisture Lotion supplies your skin with moisture instantly and over time for skin that’s extra smooth all year round.

Dramatic Lashes. Big is in this fall and longer lashes can be your best accessory. Dramatic lashes can elevate your look instantly. Try a mascara that promotes lash growth like EnvyDerm Volume Mascara, which harnesses the power of its active natural ingredients such as Moroccan argan oil and vitamins.

Self-Tanner. Just because it’s not as warm out doesn’t mean you should seek a tan from a booth or bed. Turn to self-tanner for a safer glow. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to apply—we like Kate Somerville’s Somerville 360 Tanning Towelettes for a simple, streak-free application for face and body.

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