DIY Chalkboard frame

I realized awhile ago that I spend alot of my day just in the kitchen and part of that time is spent in the pantry. Yes, its a neglected storage room…no one ever really sees it, mostly because I don’t want them too! From canisters of flour to cans of beans..its all kinda organized but just not very pretty. I decided that I need something to brighten that space up and a chalkboard would be perfect. I could herald the menu on it, write a fabulous quote or doodle a yummy cupcake on it…its just there to put a smile on my face. And bonus: If I have guests, I won’t be too quick to slam the pantry door closed 🙂

This isn’t a hard project, its a few steps but the result is well worth it. I took a old frame, cleaned it and then spray painted it a lime green and let it dry overnight. I took the backing (thick chipboard) out of it and painted it with RustOleum black chalkboard paint that I had sitting around. I used a paint brush for the application. I let that dry and painted it once more, then one more time to really get a good layer on. So three times total. I then took a piece of white chalk and rubbed it all over the board, rubbed that away with a semi-damp cloth. I inserted it back into the frame and hung it using 3M wall hangers. That was it!


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