Popsicle Dreaming

Last weekend, I went to an Arts festival and it was scorching hot! I desperately needed a cool treat and a cart full pops caught my eye…it also didn’t hurt that my friend recommended it. So I stood in line, in the blazing sun, thinking to myself…this pop better be good. I ordered the raspberry lime and from first bite it was love. I wanted to savor each little bite but the fiery sol just wasn’t cooperating so I hurriedly made it disappear in 5 minutes flat. Man, was it good. Ever since then, I have been popsicle dreaming. I decided to look up some recipes and was surprised at how easy they were to make! Yeah, my mom made them every summer…but she always made everything look simple. So I started my first pop experiment!
I remembered that my mother in-law had given me a rinky dinky pop mold from the dollar store…I really didn’t think it would hold up but it actually works pretty well. I made Mango Orange pops, here’s the recipe:

Mango Orange Popsicle

Half can of Mango Pulp (can be found at ethnic or indian grocery stores)
Half cup of milk
Half cup orange juice
1 tablespoon lemon juice
few drizzles of Honey
Fresh mango pieces (optional)

Blend it all together, fill up your pop mold.  (if you want chunks on mango throughout, add to mixture right before pouring) Freeze for at least 4 hours.
Enjoy on a hot summer day!


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