Building blocks

I love to make things myself,  especially for a baby’s nursery since this room is already so special. I thought this was a simple, quick, and inexpensive project that any mom can do to give their  nursery a personal touch.  Or this would make an awesome gift idea for the child in your life. I would purchase papers that coordinate with the colors of your nursery. You could also spell out your child’s name on the blocks and assemble them on top of a shelf in the nursery…cute!  Here is an example at

  mod retro wooden baby blocks by tiny giraffe

You can buy plain wooden blocks and paper found at any craft store such as Michaels or Joanns. All you need is:

3 1/4-inch square wood block
Acrylic paint
Mod Podge
Decorative paper
Optional: Emery board, Letters, numbers, and embellishments

1. Sand the block with sandpaper to prepare for paint.
2. Paint block with the color you’ve selected. Allow to dry. (a good base color is brown, its unisex!)
3. Cut 6 pieces of decorative paper to 3 1/4 inch.
4. Glue the paper to each side of the block using all-purpose Mod Podge. Allow the glue to dry.
5. Sand edges and corners of paper with an emery board or sandpaper. (this gives it a nice vintage look)
6. Paint another coat of Mod Podge all over the block to seal. Allow to dry.

You don’t have to do anything else, but if you like to personalize it more then…
Paste letters, numbers, and embellishments to the block using the same technique.

You can find more info at

Another neat idea is to use your baby’s photos for the block.

If you want to buy the blocks online, there are plenty of retailers such as:

Happy Crafting!


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