Valentine Cookie Exchange

Hello lovebirds…I know, I know…Vday is long gone but the cookie memories are still here! I hosted a Valentine Cookie Exchange this year. I was craving to do one during Christmas but with my newborn it just wasn’t smart. So Vday was the optimal time plus its something different and fun. And no one ever says no to cookies and milk!
I invited a few girlfriends and whomever was coming posted what they would bring on the Evite so we didn’t end up with duplicate cookie recipes.
Now I started planning for the event. I decided that Robin blue, light pink and vintage red would be my color scheme.
First thing I did  was order photo stickers of my son holding his blue bunny with the saying  ” Will you be mine? ” to stick onto my blue cookie favor bags along with ribbon and heart clips I found at Michaels. I wanted the party to have a bit of a whimsical vintage-look so I  started buying and washing Starbuck Frappacino bottles from the grocery store, and I ordered red striped paper straws from The Cupcake Social. These would be perfect to use as milk drinkware. I also wanted to use carafes to serve the milk and pink lemonade, I found some inexpensive ones at Bed Bath & Beyond. I bought some glittered heart tags and extra ribbon from Michaels to decorate my cake stands, carafes and vase.
The night before, I hung heart cookie cutters from the chandelier above where the cookies would sit, and I purchased pink roses and stuck baking tools into it…this was the last touch that really created a bakers atmosphere.
Everyone bought about 30 cookies, packaged them, printed recipes and bought tupperware to take their goodies home in. When everyone arrived and set up their cookies, my dining table looked like a photo opp for Candy Land! We all did a taste test (fun part), and went around the room to say what cookie we made, ingredients we used, and how we came about the recipe. It was a blast. Below are some pictures:


It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show someone how much you care so do something sweet for your honey today!


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